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8 800 222-58-78 Call within the Russian Federation is free
8 800 222-58-78 Call within the Russian Federation is free
8 800 222-58-78 Call within the Russian Federation is free


We are always glad to hear your opinion about our toys. It inspires us and helps us to become better.
Blocks are my little son's favourite toys. He likes to examine and hold them and even tries to build towers. The blocks are sewn well. They passed over to our son from our daughter. I bought them, ooh, 7 years ago, but they are as good as new. The colours are bright, the pictures are not worn-out. The blocks have not been deformed though both my daughter and my son play with them every day. The blocks help us learn colours, numbers, shapes, objects, and count. We are grateful to the manufacturer for the high-quality product.
Джулия 11/13/2020
This is our favourite warmer toy by Myakishi. Baby can turn it in hands, palpate, or chew the ears. At night it helps baby go through colic. Although the kitty is white as snow, the plush fabric is washed perfectly. It does not grow dark or faded. The as snow-white colour is the same as the colour of a new toy.
Жанна 11/13/2020
I got familiar with Myakishi as late as 10 years ago, when my nephew was born and I decided to buy educational toys for him in a neighbourhood store. I saw soft blocks on the shelf. They were so bright and of high quality! Also I bought a warmer toy with cherry stones inside. Actually I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of Russian products. When my two children were born I came across Myakishi's account on Instagram. I took part in activities and won a fox squeaker! My younger son appreciated it at once and plays with pleasure! It is so nice to touch it! It squeaks when squeezed and makes rustle sounds! I'm sure the toy is safe. Even if my baby takes it into his mouth I don’t worry at all!
Инна 11/13/2020
Your Myakishi toys are the best find for parents and babies. When our daughter was born we bought a bunny comforter. It is the toy that helped us accustom the baby to sleeping in her crib. The bunny is made from a nice high-quality material. Our baby enjoys it. Thank you very much for your products and quality!
Анастасия 11/13/2020
That's the way our baby learns letters with the ABC by Myakishi. The blocks are comfortable to hold in hands. They have bright pictures with letters. They are trendy and very soft. We like to build and break towers with them)) It's a pleasure to play with such blocks. Our baby examines the pictures with interest. We are satisfied with the purchase. And I recommend it to you.
Руслан 11/13/2020
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