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8 800 222-58-78 Call within the Russian Federation is free
8 800 222-58-78 Call within the Russian Federation is free
8 800 222-58-78 Call within the Russian Federation is free


We are always glad to hear your opinion about our toys. It inspires us and helps us to become better.
We would like to tell mommies about a nice warmer toy made by @myakishi, our domestic manufacturer. It has an excellent quality. The materials are very soft. And prices are always good. Colic is not a great problem with such a warmer toy. It has three functions: warming, cooling, and educating. It is shaped as various animals, so baby will have many toys to choose from. It has a little bag with cherry stones inside for a pleasant aroma and developing fine motor skills. Conveniently sized, it can be taken along for travelling.
Ольга 11/13/2020
Good day! We would like to give our feedback about blocks. Here are the wonderful blocks we've bought recently. We've already got used to them and never put them aside! They are very comfortable for baby and big enough. If you put them on top of each other you can build a high tower which falls and fills home with fun and laughter! In addition to fun, we also learn to distinguish colours and objects with the blocks. Each block depicts a certain set of objects. It is very interesting and fascinating to play with them. And the main thing is that the blocks are absolutely safe, high-quality, and natty, and will serve for many years. They are easy to clean. Just wash them in a washing machine. Thanks to Myakishi for wonderful toys for our children!
Марина 11/13/2020
Hello! I would like to leave a feedback. We are very fond of our squeaky rustling fox. We've had it for a few months but it still squeaks and rustles like new. I hand wash it occasionally, but the colours have not faded. They remain bright. All seams are good and have not come apart, which is indicative of quality materials and good workmanship. And the most important thing is that the toy is our national product! It’s marvellous that one can make quality toys in Russia!
Надежда 11/13/2020
Hello! I would like to share my impressions about one of the first things I bought for my son, the soft blocks. He loves them from the first day. He plays with them at home and at our country cottage. I always take the soft blocks along.
Аида 11/13/2020
Hello! Little Fox and Chicky are our first and all-time favourite toys. My son is delighted with the squeakers. The toys can be held easily in baby hands. He likes the way they crunch and squeak. My sonny loves talking to them. The squeakers are sewn well. They are plush and nice on the touch. The colours are bright and positive. The main thing is that the toys are safe for baby. Thank you very much for the wonderful toys! My son is happy and we are glad.
Екатерина 10/28/2020
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