8 800 222-58-78 The call in the Russian Federation is free info@myakishi.ru
8 800 222-58-78 The call in the Russian Federation is free info@myakishi.ru
8 800 222-58-78 The call in the Russian Federation is free info@myakishi.ru
8 800 222-58-78 The call in the Russian Federation is free info@myakishi.ru

About the factory

Every day thousands of toys leave Myakishi Factory to appear on store shelves in dozens of countries. First toys, first sounds, first smiles, first words, and first fun: for many buyers Myakishi toys are associated with first impressions in their children's life.

In our products we consider specific features of child development, focus on the quality and environmental friendliness of materials, and take care of our little customers' and their parents' comfort.

  • Comforters help baby fall asleep.
  • Warmer toys handle colic.
  • Puppets develop intelligence.
  • Mats stimulate 5 senses.
  • Plush toys develop emotional intelligence.
  • Soft blocks improve fine motor skills, attention, and memory.


Myakishi is a family business with almost twenty years of history! Over the 20 years a textile production facility has transformed from a small 30m2 shop into a modern high-tech factory. And now we make more than 5,000 toys a day, more than 1,500,000 a year! Myakishi has become a symbol of happy childhood.

- “We started our business back in 2000. Our friends gave our daughter a nice set of soft blocks for her first birthday. It was fun for the whole family. That was the moment we got an idea to start making such toys so that we could do what we really like and give children and their parents an opportunity to play together and communicate.”

- “We thought of the name Myakishi (squishy toys) at once. A simple and understandable Russian word. The whole family got enthusiastic about the idea. It was probably the main secret of our future success: we were united in our desire to make our dreams come true.”

- “The way to our own toy production from the first leased workshop on the edge of a small town to a perfectly equipped and highly efficient factory was not easy. But now we know that a business based on a kind idea is bound to be successful.”

Evgeny and Marina Antonovs, owners of the Myakishi toy factory.


Rattles, comforters, and warmer toys for bellies: every component of a baby toy matters. Now the product range of Myakishi Toy Factory includes more than 200 items. Technology, equipment, and processes change, but reputation, the most important thing, remains steady. We are committed to take care of childhood. We help create the future world. Myakishi toys become the first baby friends.


All manufacturing methods have been perfected and polished to the last detail. We use European materials and fittings. Quality is controlled at all stages. We maintain a strong reputation of our toy factory. Myakishi factory selects only reliable partners for cooperation who are willing to meet the growing demand for soft educational toys in Russia and the CIS.


Myakishi toys are useful, stylish, safe, beautiful, multifunctional, and trendy. They are favourite baby toys! They are made from carefully selected materials that we order at the best Russian factories.

Rattles, teethers, multi-texture loops, bright colours, fabrics with various textures, and contrast embroidery: everything serves to encourage baby development at all times.

Early learning with Myakishi is play and life in the midst of smart toys.

Myakishi always welcomes new opportunities!

The crumbs are always open to new opportunities!
Evgeny and Marina Antonov
Owners of the toy factory "Myakishi"
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