8 800 222-58-78 The call in the Russian Federation is free info@myakishi.ru
8 800 222-58-78 The call in the Russian Federation is free info@myakishi.ru
8 800 222-58-78 The call in the Russian Federation is free info@myakishi.ru
8 800 222-58-78 The call in the Russian Federation is free info@myakishi.ru
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More than 200 soft toys in our product range

We've been manufacturing nice and absolutely safe Myakishi toys at our factory for more than 20 years. We are focused on cutting-edge developments for child-raising and high-quality materials. Our toys are loved by kids and adults.

Soft toys from the Russian manufacturer

The trademark Myakishi is a well-known and favourite brand of educational toys for 0-5 year old children, which is becoming increasingly popular among parents every year!
Kid e cats
Korzhik, Kompot and Caramel are three funny cats with which a child can have fun and learn at the same time. The soft toys from the Three Cats series depict funny kittens - characters from a popular cartoon.
Kid e cats
Babies like cartoon characters and soft toys. That’s why we designed the Malyshariki series for kids, which includes various cushion toys, warmer toys, blocks, and hanging toys shaped as recognisable cartoon characters.
Myakishi – with care of children
We create soft educational toys with love to children and consideration of their needs. Our items are safe and beautiful, bright and friendly, and multifunctional. They stimulate the children to show emotions, develop motor skills, seeing, hearing, touching. Myakishi toy is a delightful companion for a child from 0 to 5 years old. It will make calm, make happy, entertain and teach the kid. And all these functions are performed by the toy! If the parents have acquired our item for the first time they purchase Myakishi toys again and again.
Myakishi always welcomes new opportunities!
We invite online shops, retail networks, wholesale companies, joint purchases clubs to cooperate. All our partners become our ambassadors, because our toys are care and love.

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